even when u niggas sleep on me, i’m woke on my own self. i know how great i am. i know i’m a gem. 


"I wasn’t trying to make her life worse, I was trying to make mine better."

This movie fucked me up


​relationship goals

Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.
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Learn the difference between a man who flatters you and a man who compliments you. A man who spends money on you and a man who invests in you. A man who views you as property and a man who views you properly. A man who lusts after you and a man who loves you.
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"We’re all one race."


"We’re all one race."


the fact that all those tombstones represents real black boys that were shot for the stupidest most racist shit breaks my heart…

Gorillaz ft. De La Soul - Feel Good Inc.
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Frank Ocean talking about Novacane 

I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the person I’m with.
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